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Open Coop Day Specials

Open Coop Day Specials


Open Coop Day Specials are what we are calling our handful of birds obtained through assortments.  With 10 or less indivuals of each breed and variety below, they are not availible for Pre-Order.


Backyard Favorites, $30 Pullets:

  • Cinnamon Queens
  • Partridge Rocks.


Flights of Fancy: $35 Pullets

  • American Breese
  • Anconas
  • Buff and Partridge Cochins
  • Mystic Onyx
  • Buff Laced Polish
  • Gold Laced Polish



  • $35: Mille Fleur d’Uccle


Sweet Tweets and Dark Treats: $40 Pullets

  • English Orpington
  • Bielefelders


    Those who pre-order become an “Early-Bird '' and have access to an earlier date where they can get first pick of our flock.

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