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HAVEN Meadows Farm is a faith-based, innovative, lakeside farm, working towards becoming a sustainable ecosystem where foster and community youth come together and share the love of horses, animals, and nature. Equine connections form the basis of the training programs, which are strengthened through mentorship and skill development. Youth aid in tending diverse micro-agribusinesses, utilizing regenerative agriculture practices, raising animals and garden produce; yielding responsibility, teamwork, and restorative healing in God’s beautiful creation. 

Please let us know if you'd like to participate in any way.

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Foster Youth

Mentorship at HAVEN

Youth Benefits

HAVEN's equine-focused ministry allows youth to soar and discover a freedom they may not have experienced previously; increasing their self-esteem, confidence, and resiliency. 

They learn to trust and maintain transformative relationships. This leads to improved academic outcomes, emotional regulation, and interpersonal skills. 





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Developing a Good Work Ethic


Relational Skill-Building

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Community Development


Discover Strengths

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Education & Outreach

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