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White Crested Black Polish

White Crested Black Polish


While this page may say out of stock, we still have a handful for our Open Coop Days,  as a percentage of our flock is availible for pre-orders.  Looking for a similar breed, look at our Blue Crevecours which have a slighly more slicked back crest and "cheeks" or the Spitzhaubens with more of a mohawk.


Polish chickens have feathered top hats and may also have beards and muffs depending upon the varity. Our White Crested Black Polish are clean faced.  They lay smaller numbers of white eggs and are comonly kept for the unique apppearance.


Our Polish and Crevacours, another crested breed, are more inclined to get along best with calmer breeds like Brahmas and Orpingtons.

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