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2024 Ducks

2024 Ducks


Most of our selection of ducks for this year are Khaki Cambells favored for their egg production and Anconas for their unique patern of black and white feathers. We also have a handful of Cayugas and a few odds and ends.

  • Due to the limited quantiy of most breeds, only Khaki Cambells and Anconas are availible for pre-order through our 2024 Pre-Order Deposit Page .
  • If purchasing birds through this page, please note that this functions as an assortment without a guarentee on a particular breed.


All ducks were purchased as sexed females and we've vent checked them ourselves as well.


Ducks lay eggs that are 1 1/2 to 2 times the size of chicken eggs and have a more waxy coating. Their eggs also vary in color with many being white and cream to some more unique colored eggs being a pale blue. Some Cayugas lay charcoal colored eggs. With proteins differing some people who are alergic to chicken eggs may be able to eat duck eggs. Duck eggs might also be favored in baking projects with a higher yolk volume.


In mixed species flock settings, where ducks are kept alongside chickens we have found it is best to keep their waterers outside, weather permiting, as ducks love to make a splash. Another concern of attempted coupling can be avoided by having only female ducks.

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